DC01VOL @ Volos(Greece)

General Information:

  • CAPACITY: 350 m² (3767.368 ft²).
  • CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: according to International Standards.
    • ANSI/ΤΙΑ/EIA-568 B2: Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard.
    • ANSI/ΤΙΑ/EIA-569 B: Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces.
    • ANSI/TIA/EIS-606 B: Cable Labeling Standards
    • ANSI/ΤΙΑ/EIA-942 B: Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.
  • POWER SUPPLY: Clean, Uninterupted, at the right voltage and type of current energy from:
    • Public Electric Grid (DEDDIE for Greece).
    • 100% Green and Eco power, from renewable energy sources only.
    • Three phase Diesel generating sets.
    • Clusters of Three phase UnInterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
    • Two different power supply lines (A and B) to Racks.
  • CLIMATIC CONDITIONS: Ideal for Electronic Equipment:
    • Temperature: Winter A3 Class, Summer B Class (22°C~26°C, 71.6°F~78.8°F).
    • Humidity: 10% ~ 80%.
    • Dust and FOD Proof.
  • SECURITY: Physical and Digital.
    • 24h CCTV monitoring systems and dual video recordind systems.
    • People access control systems.
    • Security alarm for intrusion
    • Fire safety & fire alarm systems.
  • INTERNET PROVIDERS: Vodafone, HOL, FORTHnet, HellasNet, Metropolitan microwave network, etc.
  • EXTERNAL LINKS: > 400 MBps
  • NOMINAL UPTIME: 99.999%

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