SSL Certificates

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Validation Type


For its issue, certification authorities only confirm that the domain name is valid and it belongs to the entity requesting the certificate. No document is required, just a click on the verification link that the issuing authority sends to the owner of the domain name by mail is enough. This is why the certificate is issued and activated immediately.

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Domain Validation


For its issue, the authorities certify, in addition to ownership of the domain name, also the organization or business. This includes the name, city, county, country, etc. where its headquarters placed. The issuing authority searches bank or local government sources and databases.

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Organization Validation


These certificates are examined by a rigorous audit procedure to verify the identity of the organization. The certification process is dictated by the Certification Authority Browser Forum and includes 7 levels that require the submission of domain name ownership, location, status, operation, confirmation that the organization itself requested SSL, as well and the existence of a legal representative.

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Extended Validation

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