Demanding guarantees for demanding users

Our guarantees cover every need

We, the people of FRIKTORIA, are confident about our services. Therefore, our guarantees cover every need or concern.

Absolute Support & Services

Absolute Support & Services

FRIKTORIA Data Center Services offers many services but our most important provision is the "Absolute Support & Services". We judge our success according to how well we support each one of you individually!

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Money back Guarantee [30 Days]

30 dayss money back guaranteeAt any time within the first 30 days of buying a hosting package from Friktoria and if you are not satisfied from our services, or just because you like so, we give you the possibility to return 100% of your money.

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Network Uptime Guarantee

100% Network Uptime GuaranteeFriktoria guarantees 100% network operation ensuring the highest degree of security against interruption of network operation in data centers and faster data transfer. With Friktoria you can rest assured that the network in Data Centers that are hosting your own website, will never “Fall”. See analytically the Service level Agreement (SLA) of FRIKTORIA.


Service Level Agreement [SLA]

Service Level Agreement (SLA)The present charter describes the guarantee of Friktoria's network availability. The guarantee applies to any Friktoria's client without financial pending within the interruption period of network availability.

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FRIKTORIA Data Center Services provides: Collocation Hosting using our owned Data Centers in Greece, Dedicated Real Servers with Unlimited Traffic, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting, Media Streaming & Broadcasting, more than 500 Domain Names from the most countries all over the world, Internet Marketing, Web Applications, Google Applications for business and most of all Friktoria Data Center Services provides Guaranteed Quality of Services and Absolute Support & services like nowhere else. Win!
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