GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard


- / Month
- / 3 Months
- / 6 Months
399,99 € / Year
799,98 € / 2 Years
1.199,97 € / 3 Years
GeoTrust SSL Certificates Order
SSL Certificate
Certificate Category (*) Wildcard The basic categories of Certificates are Standards, Wildcards and the SAN Certificates (*)
Domains Number 1 The number of domains that can be installed security certificate.
Subdomains Unlimited The number of individual subdomains for which can activate a license, except the top-level domain.
Certificate Type Organization Domain Validation: Validate the ownership of the domain name in which certificate will be installed
Organization Validation: Certified the ownership of the domain name, as well as the organization or the business that has request the SSL.
Extended Validation: Certified the ownership of the domain name, the organization or bar the name of the organization is displayed as well as the issuing authority.
Certification interval 1 to 3 years For how long you can pay, edit and your certificate will be valid.
Interval of Issue 2 days Its the time needed for your certificate to be published.
Encoding to 256 bits The number of bits for the coding key. The larger the key the greater the security.
Guarantee Amount $125,000 The guarantee amount represents the maximum amount that a visitor of your website can receive in case of a proven loss of his data. All financial guarantees are subject to the terms and conditions of issuing the certificate authority.
Green bar No If the browser's bar is green -(Firefox,chrome etc).
Seal Dynamic The stamp / image that you can have on your site to show that your site is safe can be static or dynamic.
Mobile compatible Yes If the certificate is compatible for navigation from mobile devices. (Android, Apple OS Windows Mobile, etc)
www or non-www CSR (**) www www : edit the CSR for the (with www in front). (**)
non-www : edit CSR for the (without www in front). (**)
Support & Services
Absolute Support & Services Yes Get Absolute Support & Services with any service of FRIKTORIA. Direct response, enormous technical know-how, effectiveness in query response procedure.
E-Mail Support 24 / 7 You can open a technical support ticket at any time in the “customer area” (CRM) with your request, and Friktoria's specialized engineers will transact it immediately and they will inform you about its development.
Phone Support 8 / 5 You can call the Support & Services department at any time and FRIKTORIA's specialized engineers will transact all your requests immediately and they will inform you about its development.
Client Installation, Administration, Maintenance - CIAM Yes You can make the whole installation by yourself, simply, easily and quickly. For any question the Absolute support and service team of FRIKTORIA will always be at your side.
FRIKTORIA's Installation, Administration, Maintenance - FIAM Additional Hire a technician !!! If you do not have the necessary technical knowledge or do not have the time or the will to be occupied with the installation, the administration or the maintenance of your service, FRIKTORIA's specialized engineers can do the entire work for you.
Direct Activation Yes Direct activation if the order and the payment are going to be done On line (by credit card or Paypal). For bank transfer from Monday to Friday until 14.30, the activation is performed immediately, the same day after confirmation of payment by our accounting department.
Contract Commitment None It is the minimum time in the service of FRIKTORIA.
- / Month
- / 3 Months
- / 6 Months
399,99 € / Year
799,98 € / 2 Years
1.199,97 € / 3 Years
GeoTrust SSL Certificates Order

For any questions or clarification, please contact the Sales Department.

Notes :

Yes Supported / included
No Not supported / not included / not required.
Additional Not included, available as an additional with extra charge.
24 / 7 24 Hours per day / 7 Days pew week
8 / 5 Business days & hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday)
* 1. Standard: provide protection for a domain name.
2. Wildcard: provide protection for the subdomains of a top-level domain.
3. SAN: they can be used to protect multiple Fully Qualified Domain Names with different root name.
** Issuing authorities apply different rules for the abillity of using a certificate for the www-form or the non-www form of the domain name for which they are issued. What about the GeoTrust certificate per category:
- Standard: if the SSL issued for, is covered and
- Wildcard: the * covers the and the
- SAN: if the the is added as one of the central domains to the SSL, there is a free covering for the too
*** If you have installed the SSL to a server running IIS 7 services, it is necessary to make a remake of CSR, so as to ensure the successful renewal of your license.
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