Certified Partners & Resellers

Authorized Partner and Reseller

Join us today as a certified partner or reseller of Friktoria.com and win.

Start now your online business or increase the profit of your existing one.

Get advantage of the Internet's opportunities, and Friktoria's infrastructure. Do it now, easy, quick and mostly inexpensive!

If you already have a host to another provider, we can help you transfer it to  Friktoria.com, just ask for it and we will sort it out. If you need any additional information about our services, or advices on which package you should choose, please contact with Sales DepartmentWe will gladly help you.

Become Referral Partners. Earn Up To 50% supply


Affiliates (Referral Partners)Become an Affiliate (a referral partners) and earn up to50% commission for every customer that comes from your website!

If you have a website or a blog or any other web page anywhere in the world (even in different provider), then you can refer visitors to FRIKTORIA's Data Center Services web site and earn an extra income from the purchases that take place. If you are a web pages reseller or designer, or any other on line business that invoice your customers, then you must not lose this possible income.

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  • Shared Web Hosting Reseller

    Shared Web Hosting Reseller

    Using FRIKTORIAs infrastructure you can start your own "Shared Web Hosting" business today. Host your clients at FRIKTORIAs modern infrastructure with your own logo and take all the profit !!! In any case, we offer, reliability, ease of use, excellent quality and totally reasonable prices.

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FRIKTORIA Data Center Services provides: Collocation Hosting using our owned Data Centers in Greece, Dedicated Real Servers with Unlimited Traffic, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting, Media Streaming & Broadcasting, more than 500 Domain Names from the most countries all over the world, Internet Marketing, Web Applications, Google Applications for business and most of all Friktoria Data Center Services provides Guaranteed Quality of Services and Absolute Support & services like nowhere else. Win!
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