• Mail Server
    Large [1]

    High Availability
    mail boxes
    4x V-Core
    1500~1750GB HDD
    Unlimited Traffic
    from €69,99/month

  • Benefits
Use your own domain name: Yes Give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name. Use your own Domain Name to create and host addresses in the format anything@yourdomainname.ext. If you don't have a Domain Name you can get one from Friktoria.com, if you already have then you can transfer it to Friktoria.com. The .gr doman names are transferred to friktoria.com for FREE.
Increased privacy: Yes Because the email is on your server. The installation of the application is Dedicated to you and your users. You do not use a Shared installation with other users out of your business or organization. Also we will never read, sell or scan your email content, and you will never see advertisments.
Dedicated IP Address: Yes You have an IPv4 address dedicated only to your installation. You do not use a shared address with others outside your business or organization.
Managed Installation: Yes You don't have to worry about it. Friktoria.com is responsible for managing all of your application installation. That is, Update, Urgrade, Antivirus, Antispam, Backup, Restore, and everything else your installation needs to run smoothly.
Easy Access: Yes You can access your MailBox in many ways.
  • through your Web Browser, e.g. Mozila Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • via an installed program on your computer that uses POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols, such as Outlook, Eudora, Thanderbird, etc.
  • through application on your mobile phone, Android or iPhone
Control Panel: Yes You have an exclusively for you Web Based Control Panel to manage your service. For example you can create new users, new Mail Lists, monitor their limits, etc.
  • Control Panel Features
  • Email Accounts
Domain Name: Yes Use your own Domain Name.
Domain Name Alias: Yes Use a an other Domain Name as alias for your primary Domain Name.
Email Mailbox: Yes Create Email Accounts, Adjust size of mailbox, etc.
Autoresponse: Yes
Email filters: Yes
Custom Filter Rules: Yes
Backup: Yes
  • No Backup
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Email Alias: Yes Create unlimited email aliases.
Email Forward: Yes Create email addresses and forward them to other accounts.
Email Catchall: Yes Forword every incoming message with mispelled recepient address in one email account.
Email Routing: Yes Forword incoming messages in an other account.
  • Mailing List
Mailing List: Yes Unlimited group lists.
  • Spamfilter
Whitelist: Yes Adjust Whitelist Filters.
Blacklist: Yes Adjust Blacklist Filters.
User / Domain: Yes Adjust the Spam Filter Users.
Policy: Yes Adjust
  • Fetchmail
Fetchmail: Yes Download emails from external POP3 / IMAP servers.
  • Jabber / XMPP
XMPP Domain: Yes Optional
XMPP Account: Yes Optional
  • Statistics
Mailbox quota: Yes View Accounts and limitation of mailboxes.
Mailbox traffic: Yes View the traffic of accounts.
Backup Stats: Yes View Backup statistics.
  • Global Filters
Postfix Whitelist: Yes Adjust Whitelist Universal Filters.
Postfix Blacklist: Yes Adjust Blacklist Universal Filters.
Content Filter: Yes Adjust Content Universal Filters for eMail.
Relay Recipients: Yes Adjust Whitelist Universal Filters.
  • Web Client Feautures
  • Mail
Folders: Yes Incoming, Outgoing, Send, Create new forders, etc.
Actions: Yes Refresh, Compose, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Delete, Mark, Print, Download, etc.
  • Address Book
Actions: Yes Create Contact, Import, Export, etc.
  • Settings
Include = Supported / Included
No = Not Supported / Not Included / Not Required
= Not Included, available as an additional with surcharge
24 / 7 = 24 Hours per Day / 7 Days per Week
8 / 5 = Working Days & Hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday)

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