Linux Server Management & Administration

Server Management

Friktorias experienced and specialized engineers and technicians can manage at regular intervals or on-demand, services and software that are installed on a Dedicated Real Server or a Virtual Private Server hosted in FRIKTORIAs Data Centers. So you have a server always ready and updated with the latest version of operating system, which is fully productive, without having to weary to "support" or is required to have technical knowledge.

There are more than 150 general and special software and Internet services at the capability list of Friktorias engineers and technicians, that can be managed and configured on a Web Server. The management of a Web Server is urgent so as the Server is "vigilant" and can operate smoothly. The routine tasks for the administration and management of a Server include the following actions :


  • Security hardening.
  • Installation of security updates to software.
  • Security audits.

Proactive services and updates.

  • Server optimization.
  • Installation of critical patches to the operating system and web server.
  • Control panel updates.
  • Software updates and upgrades.
  • Kernel updates and upgrades.
  • Log auditing & analysis.

Other server management services.

  • Server backup and restoration.
  • Server and services migration.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Software support.

You can choose from the list below the ideal, for your needs, Linux Server Management & Administration solution. For any questions or clarification, please contact the Sales Department. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Service Basic Management Advanced Management Full Management
Absolute Support & Services Yes Yes Yes
Friendly Administration Team Yes Yes Yes
Server Administration Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Software support Yes Yes Yes
Ticket Support 8/5 24/7 24/7
E-mail Support 8/5 8/5 24/7
Phone Support 8/5 8/5 24/7
Server Updates & Upgrades Apply Monthly Weekly Weekly
Server Patches Apply Monthly Weekly Weekly
Kernel updates and upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Control panel updates Apply Monthly Weekly Weekly
Within Server file backup Monthly Weekly Daily
Offserver file backup No Weekly
2 GB (Extra space)
20 GB (Extra space)
File restoration Yes Yes Yes
Scan for malware, virus, rootkit, etc Monthly Weekly Daily
Log Files Monitoring software 8/5 8/5 8/5
Initial Linux Server Security Yes Yes Yes
Proactive Server Security Additional Monthly Monthly
Tasks on demand & custom coding 1 unit / month 3 unit / month 5 unit / month
Server & services optimization Additional Yes Yes
Server and services migration Additional Additional Yes
Hacked Server Analysis Additional Additional Yes
Hacked Server Recovery Additional Additional Yes
Resecure server Intrusion Additional Additional Yes
Full server backup Additional Additional Additional
Server Restoration Additional Additional Additional
Disaster recovery Additional Additional Additional
Maximum Response Time 24 Hours 5 Hours 1 Hour
One Time Setup Fee € 24.99 Euro € 24.99 Euro € 24.99 Euro

For any questions or clarification, please contact Sales Department. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Notes :

Yes Supported / included
No Not supported / not included / not required.
Additional Not included, available as an additional with extra charge
24 / 7 24 Hours per day / 7 Days per week
8 / 5 Business days & hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday)
  Engineer's work unit = 15 Euros / 15 minutes.