Money back Guarantee [30 Days]

30 dayss money back guaranteeAt any time within the first 30 days of buying a hosting package from Friktoria and if you are not satisfied from our services, or just because you like so, we give you the possibility to return 100% of your money.

Money back guarantee [30 days]

Friktoria's Shared Web Hosting packages are accompanied by a 30 days money back guarantee from the date of the hosting account. If you are not satisfied with the level of web hosting services of our company you can within 30 days of the entry of your account to request the cancellation of your contract, otherwise implicitly agree to the continuation of service and waive your right of refunding money. In case of a cancellation within 30 days we will refund the amount of your subscription. In case the amount of your subscription includes additional costs (purchase of a domain name, purchase SSL, purchase dedicated IP, third or bank fees or credit cards fees, installation costs, additional services) the amount of your subscription will reimbursed after deducting these costs. No refunds are made after the 30th day of the subscription. The above guarantee covers only the Shared Web Hosting packages and not all of the services provided by Friktoria, as Dedicates servers, Resellers Hosting etc.

Only new accounts are entitled compensation. For example, if you had an account in Friktoria, you cancelled it and you created a new one you don't take compensation for your new account.

In order to be considered valid the request of cancellation of your account, must be sent through the special form.

Any violation of "General Terms & Conditions" of Friktoria can be considered likely to result in failure to repay any amount to the customer.

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