• Benefits
Use your own domain name: Yes Give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name. Use your own Domain Name to create and host addresses in the format anything@yourdomainname.ext. If you don't have a Domain Name you can get one from Friktoria.com, if you already have then you can transfer it to Friktoria.com. The .gr doman names are transferred to friktoria.com for FREE.
Increased privacy: Yes Because the email is on your server. The installation of the application is Dedicated to you and your users. You do not use a Shared installation with other users out of your business or organization. Also we will never read, sell or scan your email content, and you will never see advertisments.
Dedicated IP Address: Yes You have an IPv4 address dedicated only to your installation. You do not use a shared address with others outside your business or organization.
Managed Installation: Yes You don't have to worry about it. Friktoria.com is responsible for managing all of your application installation. That is, Update, Urgrade, Antivirus, Antispam, Backup, Restore, and everything else your installation needs to run smoothly.
Easy Access: Yes You can access your Account in many ways.
  • through your Web Browser, e.g. Mozila Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • via an installed client software on your computer.
  • through application on your mobile phone, Android or iPhone
Control Panel: Yes You have an exclusively for you Web Based Control Panel to manage your service. For example you can create new users, etc.
  • Control Panel Features
  • Features
Mobile & Desktop clients: Yes Install the desktop and mobile client to synchronize your files (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android).
Connect your apps: Yes Connect your Contacts and Calendar with WebDAV/CalDAV/CardDAV protocols.
Full Text Search: Yes Search files and folders with filename, tags and full text search support.
Office Suite: Yes Work with text documents, spreadsheets and presentations online with your favorite web browser.
Antivirus for files: Yes Antivirus inspects files that are uploaded for malware and viruses.
Calendar: Yes Create and sync events from your devices and edit them online.
Contacts: Yes Create and sync contacts from your devices and edit them online.
Notes: Yes Create personal notes and edit them online.
Chat: Yes Send text messages and file attachments in real time.
Audio & Video Calls: Yes Secure audio & video call support from your favorite web browser.
Mail: Yes Connect to your personal or business email accounts.
Deck: Yes kanban style organization tool for personal planning and project organization.
File Ownership and File Tranfer: Yes Transfer ownership of your files and folders to another account at your organization.
File Share: Yes Share your Files and folders with your team members.
View PDF files online: Yes
View Images online: Yes
View Video online: Yes
Photo Gallery: Yes
Audio/Video Player: Yes
File Access Control: Yes
File versions: Yes
Deleted file recovery: Yes
Favorites: Yes
File Locking: Yes
Large File Support: Yes
Activity tracking for files: Yes
Translations: Yes 33 languages available.
  • Security Features
Two Factor Authentication: Yes
Brute Force Protection: Yes
Rate Limiting: Yes
Server-side encryption Support: Yes
Include = Supported / Included
No = Not Supported / Not Included / Not Required
= Not Included, available as an additional with surcharge
24 / 7 = 24 Hours per Day / 7 Days per Week
8 / 5 = Working Days & Hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday)

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