Domain Name .BANK


Protection trust and security for the global banking communities and their clients.

Eligible institutions

  1. State regional and provincial banks which are sworn and supervised by the regulating authority of the government, or
  2. Savings banks unions that are mapped and supervised by the regulating authority of the government, or
  3. National banks which are sworn and supervised by the regulating authority of the government, or
  4. Associations which' members consist mainly by organizations defined above, at 1 or 2
  5. Union groups which' members consist mainly by organizations defined above, at 1 , 2 or 3
  6. The service providers who mainly belong or are supported by regulatable institutions that are defined above , at 1 and
  7. Regulating authorities of the government which consist of sworn as well as supervised banks or savings banks unions or organizations which' members mainly consist by the regulating authorities of the said government.

Selectable sectors

The registrants can register only domain names which match the trademarks, the trade names and the badges of their services.

Registration process

Required documents

The registrants must provide proof that they are members of the banking community (business license, formation certificate, articles of association, corporate operating agreement, charter documents, legal opinion letter, Mission Statement for the non-profit organization). For the banks and the savings associations, the assigned regulating identity and the governmental regulating authority publishes the higher sworn authority official documents or their license.


The verification of eligibility will take place during the renewal or every two years. The verification also takes place if there is a change in the Registered Institution Name. All verifications are conducted by Symantec, the .BANK Certification Services Representative and confirmed by FTLD, the Management Registry of .BANK

Security Check

To maintain compliance with the existing local and international laws, every application will be submitted on security check to ensure that Symantec does not approve any organizations or individuals situated in any government and / or that Symantec maintains limited catalogues / black lists or lists provided by the registry.

Organisation, Jurisdiction and Banking Verification Credentials

Symantec will verify that the registrant is a registered and active organization in a jurisdiction appropriate for the business address of the company and has valid certifications that prove that it meets the criteria of the Registrant Eligibility Policy of .BANK .

Domain Name Selection Verification

Symantec will confirm that all domain name applications match the applicant's trademark.

Physical address check

Symantec will check the address referred in the application as valid address for the registrant organization by using the approved databases of Symantec.

Telephone number check

Symantec will verify the telephone number off the registrant organization by using the approved databases of Symantec.

Registrant Communication Occupation

Symantec will initiate phone contact to check with the human resources of the registrant organization (or the competent service) that the said contact individual of the registrant organization is a full time / non-contracting employee of the company.

Registrant Communication Principal

Symantec will initiate phone contact for the detection of the registrant contact director within the registered organization, with the human resources (or the competent service) and contact this individual to confirm that the registrant contact is authorized to ask for sectors for the organization's sake.


The applicant, whose registration application has been rejected will be able to appeal against the decision via a certain process. Please refer to Registration Policy Eligibility Analysis

Requirements relative to domain name use

DNSSEC must be used.

The registrants must publish a certified valid e-mail file (SPF ή DKIM)

DNS nicknames are allowed only for DNS zone with the same secured claims (no url is forwarded to a "normal" name

Transport Layer Security 1.1 or later version must be used. SSL 2.0 and 3.0 are strictly forbidden. RFC 5746 must be applied. Please go to the following link

Retail price

The retail price for .BANK is 1850,00 Euro plus VAT.

Purchase info

Phone : +30 2421100659

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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