Dedicated Server GREEN [1]

 Hardware :  O.E.M. - O.E.M. 
CPU : Octa Core AMD Opteron - 8x 2,4 GHz - 64Bit
Memmory : 16 Gb Ram DIMM DDR3 or
32 Gb Ram DIMM DDR3
Storage : 2 x 2000 Gb SATA II, 7.200 rpm, 64 MB (RAID 1 by software) ή
2 x 256 Gb SSD, 100000 IOPS Samsung (RAID 1 by software)
from 39,99 € / Month
Network : Switch port: 100 Mbps - Availability: 99,999% - Data Traffic: UNLIMITED Παραγγελία
Data Center : Europe DC2_Strasbourg_France_EU. / USA DC3_St.Louis_Missouri_USA. Διαβάστε Περισσότερα (ΕΛ) - Read More (EN)
FRIKTORIA Data Center Services provides: Collocation Hosting using our owned Data Centers in Greece, Dedicated Real Servers with Unlimited Traffic, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting, Media Streaming & Broadcasting, more than 500 Domain Names from the most countries all over the world, Internet Marketing, Web Applications, Google Applications for business and most of all Friktoria Data Center Services provides Guaranteed Quality of Services and Absolute Support & services like nowhere else. Win!
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