Collocation Hosting Advantages & Benefits

Advantages :

  • Configuring service according to your requirements.
  • Ideal operating conditions (temperature, static electricity, power, fire safety, etc.).
  • Minimum time of service's implementation.
  • Quick and easy upgrade of hosting platform.
  • High bandwidth available.
  • 24x7x365 control and technical support from qualified staff.
  • FRIKTORIAs Network and Data Centers reliability.

Benefits :

  • Network and Hosting infrastructure Reliability
    • 24x7x365, capable bandwidth for accommodating all the web sites, the back offices and your other businesses.
    • Increased level of safety, speed and efficiency of the hosted application.
    • Installation, maintenance and inspection of equipment by experienced technical staff which is available 24 hours a day.
  • Operating costs minimization
    • No expenditure on the purchase of network equipment, leased line installation, technical staff employment, creation and maintenance of hosting infrastructure.
  • Flexibility
    • Immediate and free application of patches, hot-fixes and service packs.
    • Free choice of operating system and full maintenance of administrative access.
FRIKTORIA Data Center Services provides: Collocation Hosting using our owned Data Centers in Greece, Dedicated Real Servers with Unlimited Traffic, Virtual Private Servers, Web Hosting, Media Streaming & Broadcasting, more than 500 Domain Names from the most countries all over the world, Internet Marketing, Web Applications, Google Applications for business and most of all Friktoria Data Center Services provides Guaranteed Quality of Services and Absolute Support & services like nowhere else. Win!
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