Linux Web Hosting Reseller - Platinum

The shared hosting package "Linux Web Hosting Reseller" - Platinum is appropriate for the hosting of 50 to 85 moderaate size websites.


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Linux Shared Web Hosting Order
The Linux package "Linux Web Hosting Reseller" - Platinum is hosted in Eco Data Center in Europe.
Hosted Web Servers
Hosted Web Sites Unlimited Number of web sites you can host in this Web Hosting package.
Disk space for websites Up to 60000Mb The Web Disk space provided for hosting the webpages of your websites.
Web Traffic Unlimited The allowable monthly web traffic for data transferring from or to your web sites.
Custom Error Pages Yes Your can create and use your own Custom Error Pages for the common error reports, such as 403 forbidden, 404 not found, 500 server error, etc.
Redirect Yes You can Redirect the movement of yourweb site to another URL.
PHP Support Yes ΡΗΡ is a programming language very usefull for the creation of dynamic content and for information recovery from the databases. (Mod-PHP and suPHP Supported)
CGI-BIN Support Yes CGI applications are used for a mass of actions. In your personal cgi-bin folder you can run CGI scripts that you downloaded or wrote yourself or scripts that you have paid the rights.
Fast-CGI support Yes With FastCGI all your PHP applications run through mod_fastcgi instead of mod_phpsusexec. This minimizes the delay which may cause the "loading" of the PHP interpreter in each hit.
XML Support Yes The XML (eXtensible Markup Language) represents the next generation a data description language.
Java Script Support Yes The javascript is a powerful language for writing script files to add interactivity to your web pages.
IONCube Support Yes The IONCube PHP Encoder is a system used to improve the performance of PHP pages but also protect the PHP source code from users trying to see, steal or change your code.
.htaccess Support Yes With .htaccess you can configure your account on the web server. For example you can protect specific folders with passwords, enable the Server Side Includes (SSI), specify error pages etc.
Mod_Rewrite Support Yes The Mod_Rewrite is an apache module which enables the dynamic rewriting of the requested URLs, based on rules that you can give in your account. The Mod_Rewrite is a very powerful tool for SEO optimization of your site in the search engines.
Domain Names
Domain Name Zones Unlimited The number of the Domain Names you can host in this package to connect with one or more web sites.
Greek Domain Name Yes You can host Web pages that their name is written in Greek characters. Eg except of the you can have the
FREE Domain Names 1 The number of FREE Domain Names that you are provided with this package.
DNS Management Yes Through the Control Panel we provide you an easy web based tool so as to make changes to the Domain Name Servers (DNS). As MX records (Mail eXchange), CNAME records, TXT records, etc.
Domain Name Zones Records Unlimited The number of Records in the Domain Names zones you can create. They can be forward lookup zones or reverse lookup zones.
Alias Domains Unlimited It is provided the opportunity to multiple domains to refer to the same web site. So your Web site can be opened with many different domain names at no extra costs (if you have already registered the domain names).
Sub Domains Unlimited These are the Domain Names at the next level from yours. Eg apart from the,,,
Data Bases
MySQL Databases) Unlimited The number of Databases you can host in this package.
Database Disk space Unlimited Data Base Disk space it is provided for hosting the databases of your website.
PHPMyAdmin Support Yes The PHPMyAdmin is a web based graphical database management program.
Remote Database Access Yes The ability for a program running in another computer (or you) to have access to the database. (The PHPMyAdmin running on the same computer as the database)
Email accounts (POP3 / IMAP) Unlimited Is the number of Email accounts that we provide you with the hosting. Used for sending and receiving e-mails through programs such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora or through the webmail.
Disk space for mailbox up to 100000Mb The Mail Disk space that is provided to you for hosting your mailboxes.
Web-based Email Yes Sending, reading and answering emails through browser. The address is "" form. So you are able to read and send emails from anywhere, even when you are not at your computer.
Spam Filter Yes Email protection from spam, viruses, phishing and malware emails. The service filters reliably all incoming emails with precision, ensuring that your inbox will only be delivered to the desired email.
Spam Filter Manager Yes A powerful spam control tool. Except from the possibility to enable or disable the spam filter, you can configure its strictness. You can perform various actions in the title of emails identified as spam, eg to include the word "SPAM" to the subject, to clear it or leave it unchanged. Ability to create a "black list" of all emails addresses or domains from which you do not wish to receive e-mail, "white list" creation for addresses and domains from which the email should not be marked as spam.
E-mail forwarding Yes Forward your emails to the email address you wish automatically. For example, an email is sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , you can automatically forward it to your gmail account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Catch-all email Yes You receive even the emails sent to non-existing e-mail addresses, without being necessary the creation of a separate mailbox for each address. In this way you get an unlimited number of email addresses for each of your domains.
Email Αliases Yes In a Mailbox you can add additional addresses. This essentially gives you unlimited number of email addresses for each of your domains. By email aliasing is not necessary to set up separate POP3 mailboxes unless you want the mails from different addresses or people going in different mailboxes.
Email Autoresponders Yes You can set automatic replies to be sent to all incoming emails sent to specific addresses. Eg an autoresponder can answer instead of you with an automated message when someone sends mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , eg. "Your message received. We will respond as soon as possible."
FTP Access 24 / 7 We provide you the ability to upload or download files from your site with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) protocol.
FTP Accounts Unlimited The number of FTP accounts you can create.
SSH Access 24 / 7 We provide the ability to perform tasks to your site's account, with SSH (Secure SHell) protocol. (* 1)
SSH Accounts 50 The number of SSH accounts you can create (*1)
Cron Jobs 50 The number of Cron Jobs you can create and manage. The Cron Jobs are scheduled tasks you want to run at specific intervals.
Daily BackUp Yes FRIKTORIA performs daily Backups of websites and database hosted on our Servers.
Server Antivirus Yes All FRIKTORIAs servers checked everyday with updated program for viruses, Trojan horses, etc.
Server Firewall Yes In all FRIKTORIAs Servers is installed and fully parameterized "Firewall" from malicious attacks.
Router Firewall Yes In all FRIKTORIAs Routers is installed and fully parameterized "Firewall" from malicious attacks.
Webalizer Statistics Yes Complete traffic statistics with Webalizer program.
AwStats Statistics Yes Complete traffic statistics with AwStats program.
Referrer Sites Yes These are the Web Sites from which visitors came to your website.
Dreamweaver Yes Compatible with the design and construction program of website and webpages, Dreamweaver, for all versions.
Joomla Yes Compatible with the Content Management System (C.M.S.) Joomla for all versions Joomla 1.5 Native Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.x
Wordpress Yes Compatible with the Content Management System (C.M.S.) Wordpress for all versions.
Drupal Yes Compatible with the Content Management System (C.M.S.) Drupal for all versions.
Support & Services
Absolute Support & Services Yes Get Absolute Support & Services with each service FRIKTORIA. Direct response, Huge expertise, Effectiveness in Requests Response procedure.
E-Mail Support 24 / 7 At any time, you can open a "Technical Support Ticket" in the "Customer Area" (CRM) with your request, and FRIKTORIAs specialized engineers will manage it immediately and will inform you about the progress of your request.
Phone Support 8 / 5 At any time, you can call our call centre, and FRIKTORIAs specialized engineers will manage it immediately and will inform you about the progress of your request.
Client Installation, Administration, Maintenance - CIAM Yes You can make the whole installation, the Management and Maintenance of your service, by yourself, simply, easily and quickly. For any issue you may deal, FRIKTORIAs Absolute Support & Services will always be on your side.
FRIKTORIA's Installation, Administration, Maintenance - FIAM Additional Hire a technician !!! If you do not have the necessary technical knowledge or the free time or the will to deal with it, specialized engineers of FRIKTORIA, can do the entire installation for you, management and maintenance of your service.
Direct Activation No Direct activation if the order and payment is done On Line (with credit card or PayPal). For bank transfer from Monday to Friday until 14:30, the activation is performed immediately, the same day after the confirmation of payment by our accounting department.
Money- back Guarantee 30 days If you are not pleased with our provided services, or just because you want, within the indicated days we will give you back the whole amount of the hosting (*2)
Hosting Control Panel (HCP) Yes Strong, functional and easy graphical management interface, that gives you the abillity to manage all matters relating to your hosting account, 24 hours per day.
Page "Under Construction" Yes Once you validate the web hosting package, then automatically an "Under Construction" page is created and remains until you put your own content.
Server Monitoring 24 / 7 All our Servers are under continuous Monitoring by specialized engineers of FRIKTORIA.
Contract Commitment None It is the minimum time in FRIKTORIAs service.
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For any questions or clarification, please contact the Sales Department.

Notes :

Yes Supported / included
No Not supported / not included / not required.
Additional Not included, available as an additional with extra charge.
24 / 7 24 Hours per day / 7 Days pew week
8 / 5 Business days & hours (09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday)
(*1) To activate the service please contact the Support Department.
(*2) Excluding the purchase of the Domain Name, the one-time activation fee, Static IP addresses, SSL certificates, etc.
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